RootsMagic 10 download instructions not received

This morning I purchased the upgrade to RootsMagic 10. My payment has been approved, but I have not received either a receipt or my download instructions. My order number is 48186422.
Polly Held

download the Essentials version from the RM website … when you get the email with your Key just enter it to unlock

I just emailed your key to you. Check your spam filters if you don’t see it.

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Still did not receive it. I’ve turned off my firewall altogether. Would you please send it again. Just to be confirm, my email address is

Yes, that’s the email I sent it too. Check your spam or junk mail. The firewall shouldn’t be effecting your email delivery. You call Sales at 801-489-3102 - Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm (MT) or email

Thank you Renee. I was having difficulty with Microsoft Exchange Server. I was stuck in Offline mode and I finally had to do a total recovery and reboot of my Windows 10 and now I’m having to reinstall all my programs and settings. I finally received the email you sent me with the receipt and product key, so I’ll be re-downloading RootsMagic 9, and then downloading RM10. However, it will have to wait until tomorrow as my brain is presently fried from all the confusion. If I have any further problems (which I don’t anticipate), I’ll contact sales on Monday. Thanks again.