RootsMagic is now out

Quel surprise! I thought I would dabble at something with RM on the old Dell notebook which doesn’t have it so I went to download Essentials and was offered 10 instead of 9!

There’s even a RM10 Help site.

Going back to the Buy link instead, the website is is selling new licenses and upgrades for 10. I guess we will see What’s New later today.

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Here is What’s New from the now context-sensitive Help system (remember that was a feature lost in the upgrade from RM7 to RM8 and RM9).

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The re-introduction of [F1] context-sensitive help is such a welcome addition.

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Other resources for RM10 I just found:

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RootsMagic 10 is officially launched now.

The announcement is also under News and Announcement here on Community.

The RootsMagic 10 playlist is now available on RootsMagicTV.

Works pretty good so far, after a few hours use!

I tried to order with the special download per the blog. There is only an option for $29.95 and not the $20 price. Is there a code we need for the special for existing users? Phone calls don’t go through, probably because of too many calls is my guess.

There are two radio buttons on the order page. Select the Upgrade button.

Just as an FYI for everybody

RootsMagic 10 will run on the following operating systems.

•Windows 8 through Windows 11

•macOS High Sierra (10.13) through macOS Sonoma (14.0)

Also when you go thru to install RM 10, it says we detected an earlier version of Roots Magic and suggest you let us remove that–only advanced users should keep the earlier versions-- Make sure you say NO if you want to keep your other versions as you do NOT have to remove them

I downloaded it this morning BUT they unfortunately forgot to send me a key to unlock it-- fortunately they responded very fast to my request for a key…

Only other problem was that it said it was going to save all file in Roots Magic 10 folder BUT when I checked my setting for files, back-up, media etc it said RootsMagic 8-- so be sure to check your settings ( and even then it saved my 1st file to the desktop :expressionless:)…

Like the fact that RM now acknowledges half-siblings and spouses of uncles, grand-uncles for the most part – I have one wife out of 10 brothers that it does NOT show on BUT wished it also acknowledged Step-Parents—if you attach a kid to the step-father, the relationship shown is spouse of the wife BUT then his father shows as the kid’s grandparent-- and the reports show the step-father as the kids Father-- oh well one small leap

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On an upgrade from version 9 the radio button for $20 worked. ??

Assuming, of course, the same email was used to be recognized as a previous licensed user…

Why? Did they suddenly start checking email? The never did in the past.

I just assumed the poster was a previous owner and did not get the upgrade price. I was offering one potential way to be recognized. The page says:

For owners of previous versions of RootsMagic or Family Origins

Not sure how two or three William Smiths would be determined as previous or not, but if You know somehow, for a fact, I defer to your wisdom.

Users that purchased before RM10 was officially launched had an issue receiving their keys. This issue was fixed by launch time.

I am saying that RM never checked email addresses or anything else before allowing the upgrade price. So “the same email was used to be recognized as a previous licensed user” makes no sense as it did not need to check the email address anyway.

Now you’re just repeating yourself.

I suspect the web page is unaware of the status of the buyer as there is no login so everyone should see the two radio buttons. The default is for the new licensee and the price shown accordingly. Selecting the Upgrade option revises the price. My guess is that if a licensee of RM9 provides an email address other than what is currently registered, either the Upgrade order is not accepted or, if it is, the key is not issued and there is follow-up with the buyer.

Are you attaching the step-father in the same family group as the children? If they are in the same family group it will see them as a parent.

Through version 9 the different email address allowed a purchase just like normal and there was no follow up anything. The upgrade discount was applied. If they did require such validation, no one would ever be able to buy someone else a copy of the program for a gift. Even the validation key is not checked in 9 and earlier. You could install the program on 30 machines and the program wouldn’t cause a problem. I doubt this has changed in RM10.

Why should I upgrade? RM9 still has bugs and I see that there are already many bugs being discovered in RM10? Ever since the switch to the new interface, it’s been nothing but trouble, increased layers before we can do want we want to do, and innumerable mouse clicks. What happened to the keyboard shortcuts?