RootMagic WebSite Ques (not MyRootsMagic)

Good Afternoon

I have not played with RootMagic Website publishing)…
Right now, I have a need to create an HTML site (which will be used on a thumb drive)
I have created other Website before using TNG and others so I am familiar with those as opions).
Again this is for a local HTML site (Not MyRootsMagic),

My question is simple I hope - I want to know what media transfers to the HTML site.
All media to person or fact for example. Is it all media? (assuming option on Fact is set yes for HTML)

If not, all/most media for fact/person than what is and what is not included?
I realize the more media the the large the site will be.

Thanks, Kevin

Virtually no media transfers to RM’s HTML Web sites. It’s very similar to RM’s printed reports.Some of the HTML Web sites support no media at all, and some of them support one primary photo per person. The same is true of RM’s printed reports.

RM does support printed Scrapbook reports that can contain photos but no data about people. RM’s HTML Web sites do not support Scrapbook reports.

Thanks @thejerrybryan !

disappointing, and somewhat expected – however, nonetheless disappointing.
I have other 3rd party software I can do for this but that means using Family Historian 7 or other GEDCOM to HTML software.

I use GedSite to make Web pages from my RM data, and GedSite supports my RM data beautifully. You can see an example page at RM data on Web pages created with GedSite.

At the present time, I’m attaching media in RM to both facts and to citations. Sometimes I like the way this looks in GedSite. Other times I think it’s too cluttered in GedSite and I consider attaching media only to the citations in RM. GedSite is really just a Web page maker and not a genealogy program. So it just echos whatever I do in RM.

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That looks quite nice. So GEDSITE connects directly to RM without need for GEDCOM?
Ps. you must have spent quite a bit of time cleaning up notes/formatting (transcripts etc).

No, it’s GEDCOM only. But GedSite does pick up things like sentence templates and source templates and media files from an RM GEDCOM, stuff that many other pieces of genealogy software lose when they are reading RM’s GEDCOM. Because GedSite is GEDCOM based, it can work using GEDCOM from any source. GedSite includes specific application specific support for RM and several of RM’s competitors. But it can also work with very generic GEDCOM.

The work I spend cleaning up notes and formatting the transcripts is done originally to produce nice printed reports for family reunions. I use RM’s descendant narrative reports with the NEHGS format (register format) for family reunions. It’s just that the same work carries over very nicely to GedSite. So far, I have able to use the exact same RM database to produce printed reports that I use to create GEDCOM for GedSite. The same work doesn’t always carry over when I transfer my RM data to other genealogy software.

Cleaning up transcripts is on my future list of to-do’s – might not start until 2025.
Working on Citations an sources right now.

I do wish that RM maintained at least some of the cut&paste note formatting. Maybe a near future RM version will make this easier.