RM9 Updates? No info available and app says is still 905

Had RM905 Jun 10 and got update 906 this am. Not listed in updates page via newsletter link and app on the home screen says it is 905 but get info mac shows 906.

No info on what was done.

So I am really sure that you being the careful and diligent Mac user that you are, did not install said update…choosing instead to wait until RM has a chance to update their various channels with the details.

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My RM9 says it is up to date on

If you look at the history of updates from 8.0.0 to present, twenty-one of them, there has never been an update done on a Sunday and only two on a Saturday. And it’s a holiday weekend in the USA. I would be surprised to receive an update before Tuesday.

Me too but my automatic update checker app found this. I think they release updates and only later tell us what was in it.

Update 9.0.6 was officially released this morning. It is a Mac only update. Windows users will not see or need this update. The only issue fixed was being able to create a new book in Publisher. Which broke for Mac users in 9.0.5.

Thanks for the update, unfortunately the bug where the scrapbook won’t save it’s settings in a book remains.

Correct, that issue was not addressed in update 9.0.6 for Mac.

Suggest simultaneous release of an update AND a description of what it fixes rather than delayed release of the latter. Also surprised at separate mac/windows updates and nos.