RM9 Mystery Update?

RM9 apparently has a update today but no information is available on what is fixed. The update history page stops at 904. Guess I will wait to see what is fixed and newly broken before installing a mystery mac update.


Can’t answer what is “newly broken”.

Try refreshing the browser window and see if the updated history appears.

The Update History is also available under News and Announcements in Community.

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  1. next time will try news link–have never used that. perhaps a link to the RM9 updates or current wiki pages would help?
  2. went to RM9 wiki…Updates…and got nothing past 903 again today. wiki is apparently not updated regularly.

Thank You

May want to dump your browser cache because it has been updates since at least this morning.

That did work this am. Probably gets refreshed when I shut down weekly but never ran into this issue before.

Cache refresh on Mac: Option…Command E OR Command click Refresh icon.