Download RM9.4 shows incorrect information

I downloaded RM9.4 and noticed that the download seems the same as RM9.3. Everything in “home” the same and still shows as the update. This does not seem correct.
RM9.4 also shows date of download as 5/29/24 at 6:51 am instead of today.
What does this mean?

There is no Rootsmagic 9.3 or 9.4. 9.1.6 is the last version in the RM 9 versions. So i am not sure what you downloaded.

The last RM9 update (9.1.6) was released on 5/29/2024. The only thing released “today” (6/20/2024) was RM10. That is a different version that would need to be downloaded. It won’t update within RM9.

Here is a screen shot of the RM files downloaded to my computer. See Bottom

Applications wouldn’t have installed with those names. That would be something you manually renamed. It would be hard to say which is pinned to the dock. I would assume “RootsMagic 9 4” is the final 9.1.6 version we released on 29 May 2024. If you open that application check the Home page under Updates to see which version it is. The other location is under About RootsMagic on the main 3 dot menu.

Thanks for the help. I see on the updates that it is 9.1.6. I am still confused what is going on but will work with it.


When you install an RM update by opening the downloaded update disk image and dragging the RM application icon onto the Application folder, are you selecting replace or keep both when prompted? Just wondering if you select keep both and that explains the multiple versions in your Applications folder.

Were you by chance trying to download RM10? That was released yesterday. It’s a separate version and wouldn’t be an update to RM9.

Hi, I have kept the prior version as sometimes you can’t go backward if the need occurred. It may well be creating a problem. I did notice that it’s not updating all the numbers on home file information. The version did change to 9.1.6.

No, I was not trying to download 10.