Cannot update to RM 9.0.1 from within 9.0.0

I encountered a trap updating from within 9.0.0, possibly caused by my unwittingly closing RM while it was still downloading. After two more tries from the splash screen Updates pane, I could see that the installer was repeatedly showing that it was installing 9.0.0. I then closed RM and browsed to the Support/Downloads page and downloaded the 64-bit Windows version (I’m quite sure that was what the 9.0.0 version was). That installation proceeded but required re-acceptance of the license and now I’m on the updated version.

I should have checked About before proceeding to Register Online (which I had done previously) and was startled to see the form showing RM8 with a product key for RM9. I switched the version to RM9 and registration completed (I had previously registered 9.0.0 so I’m not sure that it was necessary to re-register). Requesting the product keys email, I see only one for RM9.

I could not get it to update from the link within RM9. It would download and go through the installation step but when RM re-opened it was still RM 9.0.0. Retried several times. Checked the corrected bugs in case it was just a problem with the version number. No dice!

Like you I decided to simply download a copy of the installer from the Downloads page. That worked fine. In my case I was not required to re-enter the license key.

MacOS Ventura - update ex RM9.0.0 Home Page failed to unpack with error as corrupt.dmg download. OK from Support/Downloads. Not asked for license key.


Same for me on macos ventura. The Website download link worked - Download RootsMagic 9

I use the Alternate Download Site and pull down a new Windows file (64bit). After installation Help About still shows 9.0.0.


Yup–update link gives mac users a tiny corrupted file that bombs. The alternate download link did work but not exactly a smooth start.

I also got the error on my MacOS desktop. I got the following error message which I reported to tech support. Couldn’t read file or malformed UDIF image

So I downloaded from the Alternate Download again, installed again (update box does have a Setup bluebar) and relaunched again. >>> Still Then I went back to the in-line install, let that run, relaunch, and got to a display of What the traditional website kit gave me was the previous version.


I tried to update it on my laptop (Macbook Pro running Ventura). The update went fine, without issue—strange not a consistent error.

TS fixed the bad update link for mac users after my report so you probably just lucked out with the timing.