RM9 display unclear

On my win10 system with RM9 (64 bit) the display is not as sharp as it is with RM8. All lines are not as sharp as you can see below (RM8 left versus RM9 right)

What could be the reason?
Does anybody else see the same?


I’ve never had RM8 so cannot run a comparison, but with other (usually older) applications the following has worked. For RM9 do the following.

Navigate to C:\program files (x86)\RootsMagic 9
Right click ‘RootsMagic.exe’
select ‘Properties’
Select ‘Compatibility’
Click ‘Change high DPI settings’
In the ‘High DPI scaling override’ section enable the ‘Override high DPI scaling behaviour’
click OK
click OK

If it doesn’t make any difference then restore that to how it was and hope that someone else has a better idea!



Hello Rob,
thanks a lot!
That did the job! Now both display are similar :slight_smile:


I had originally installed the 32 bit version because I wanted to put RM9 on a thumb drive to use on a 32 bit machine (I did it just in case because I don’t know if that would be a problem). I tried making this change and it didn’t seem to do anything - but also it wasn’t particularly fuzzy anyway.

Now that I have it working on a thumb drive I re-installed RM9 as a 64bit version onto my laptop and it was then ‘fuzzy’ just like yours - so I made the change as described and now it’s nice and clear. One thing - the 64bit version is in C:\program files folder, not the ‘x86’ folder as previously mentioned.

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RobG: Thanks for the “High DPI scaling override”. Works Great!