Installing RM8 on Windows 10

I downloaded RM8 installer and executed it. When I tried to open RM8, I got an icon on the lower bar but it was blank and wouldn’t open. Is there a problem for Windows 10 installation?


Solution found on facebook Users Group from tech support worked for me:

Go to the Rootsmagic.exe file inside the programs (x86)\Rootsmagic 8 folder. (Or desktop icon if you installed one.)
Right click.
Select “Properties”
Click on the “Compatibility” tab
Click on the “Change high DPI settings” near the bottom.
Check the box for "“Override high DPI scaling behavior”
From the pulldown below that, select either “System” or “System (Enhanced)”

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Thank you, that worked.

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Hello, I have this same problem with 8.0.1 Essentials.

I have followed Marshtown’s suggestion from tech support but it didn’t fix the problem.

Are there anymore suggestions please?