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Hello. I have used RM since Family Origin days! I have always loved RM and have been an advocate for it, teaching classes etc. However, I have been unable to use RM8 as the main edit screen display is TOO LARGE to be used – the scroll bars are off the screen. Turns out, RM8 requires the PC display setting to be set to 100%. Microsoft, however, recommends a display setting of 125%. Which is what I use. Which is what all of my OTHER applications require.

I am thus forces to continue to use RM7 (which I still love). But I am concerned that, one day, RM7 will no longer work with whatever new operating system comes from Microsoft.

Please either explain to me how I can use RM8 without ruining all of my other PC applications, or tell me that Bruce will fix this in an upcoming release to RM8.

Ted Steele
St. Louis, MO

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The scaling setting that RM recommended at 100% is in RM itself, not the windows System Display. In RM see Settings Tab>Display Settings>Font Scaling. A fix was made some time ago, however, it is recommended you not set the font scaling too high. My Windows 11 System Display is set at the recommended 125% and my RM font scaling is set to 110% with no issues. With your Edit Person screen open use the Windows Snap process (Windows Logo + Rt or Lt arrow key). Resize the window to the size you would like or maximize screen to fit your window. Close out RM to refresh. When RM is re-opened, it should remember your setting.

Thank you so much for your reply. I wish I had known that back when I was trying to test the trial versions. But since I couldn’t get to the edit screen I just stopped.

I am a professional genealogist and I use RM7 for all of my client work. And since I know everywhere to click on auto-pilot I will plan to retain RM7 until it stops working. But it’s good to know that Bruce wasn’t smoking his gym socks when he designed that part of RM8. I just wish he had been clearer as to where to set the display setting.

But wait… Why isn’t a display setting of 100% the default in RM8 to begin with? Why should I have to go in and change it?

Ted S.

RM’s default is 100% in the font scaling, I reset my own to 110%.

This should be driven by the size and quality of the monitor/screen. On a very large screen I use 72%

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