RM9 Association View navigation

When in Association View, how can I navigate back to Person 2 - instead of Person 1 - without looking them up in the list?

On the Association view when an association is highlighted click either the Edit Person 1 or Edit Person 2 button. It will open either person’s Edit Person screen.

Thanks. I had figured this out. My - not very precise formulated - question was: how do I navigate back to the pedigree- or family- or descendents-view, for Person 2?

Sort the column by either Person 1 or Person 2, click on the row for that individual. You will see the info box at the top of the sidebar will change to them. Then switch to the pedigree, family or descendant view.

All right - thank you very much! When I sort for person 1, the infobox at the top of the sidebar will show person 2 and vice versa - but it seems to be consistent. That’s something I can live with.