RM9 and treeshare

I don’t know if this should be a feature request or not, but can’t hurt to ask (see bottom of this topic)

After working with RM9 and treeshare using Ancestry, I’ve decided I do NOT like the way that Ancestry downloads sources/media - the names are meaningless and therefore difficult if not impossible to know what the document is by the name of the document.

I am in the process of renaming / moving / fixing broken links of the sources/media downloaded to my PC to match my naming and saving process. (I also don’t like that Ancestry saves census information as a residence fact - but there is a work around in RM9 to edit the fact and change to census - so I can live with that.) But I am going back to the manual method to download from Ancestry and attach to RM.

I like the updating of fact information between the two databases, but I do NOT want to download/upload sources/media to/from Ancestry/R9. I see nothing in the settings to turn this process off. When I am in the ‘changes’ screen in RM9 and update a fact I can choose not to include the sources - this is good. However, if I want to add a fact, the source/media is included automatically. I know that I can view the changes and then edit in either RM or Ancestry as needed.

I would like (feature request) to NOT include sources/media when adding a fact (in either direction) automatically.

Your desires line up with mine, and the Feature request that I put in about a week ago.

You might find the answer provided in that thread useful:

Summary: the RM folks apparently don’t have the ability at present to control the media downloading because of the Ancestry interface (API).

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Thank you. I didn’t do a search of topics, so I missed yours. As I am using a small database that I had on ancestry but not on RM, I am using this to learn RM9 and treesharing. I can see that for my large databases there is no way I can do treesharing because of all the (wasted) time needed to rename the media, verify that I don’t already have the media/source and then if not move to appropriate folder.

Yep, I think the media download ability is useful for some basic users, but for us orderly folks it’s a nightmare.

You might find this topic interesting too:

I saw that - thank you. Much of what is described, I do.

But surely they could just throw the media away rather than storing it if the user was to set the appropriate setting. Seems a very valid request to me, even if it wastes some bandwidth. I guess there could also be another option to not upload any media.