RM9.1 Update warning

I did the 9.1 update and Ive lost about 20 new people.
I know as I get info for a person I download the document as a picture then that pic correponds to the Rin no. in RM9. BACKUP before downloading.

I am sorry, but your post really makes no sense. What does your document connected to an RIN number have to do with the people you think are missing. Maybe a few strategically placed punctuation marks and an organized description of the problem might get you a better answer. In some cases, a nice screenshot helps too.

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Unfortunately, it’s extremely unlikely that the update itself would be the cause, as you appear to be the sole user reporting such an anomaly. Please share more about what you mean by “new people” and how you came up with your approximate count of lost people. Is this a Windows or Apple environment?

Sorry just so angry about this morning.
So Im working on a family based in South Africa. I have 300 people so far.
When I find a new family members document ie (birth, marriage or death) online, I download that document.
I then put that persons details into RM, RM gives me a RIN number.
I then save that document into a completely seperate folder with that RIN no, so I can locate it quickly.
I hope that makes sense.
So this morning when I did the update, I checked on the last couple of people Ive just put in before the update.
You have to restart RM after update.
When I went back into RM, the last 22 people that I put in, was not there anymore.
Then went to that persons document folder that I saved. All documents there, but not on RM.
I always link people to their documents and cite them before starting on the next person.
It just means Ive lost 22 family members that I have to put in again. Unfortunetely my last update was last night. How could that happen?

I would Restore from a backup to see if they are there. Haven’t heard of losing anyone from doing a update.

Hi @Sailor, I’m sorry to hear about your lost data – could it be that you’ve inadvertently opened another (older) data file after the update was ran, instead of the one that contained the 22 new people? If you have more than one data file it might be worth checking. It’s highly unlikely the update caused the “lost” data.

Clicking the Home button in the upper left (with a database or databases open) will show a Properties panel in the left pane that has info like date created, counts of people, families, events, ETC. that may help if you have more than one database created in version 9.X

In Settings, Program Settings, with “Open last closed file” checked, if you click on a database outside of RM to try and open it, it won’t open to that database. It will just open the program with the last closed file. So don’t click on database files outside of the program. Open the program and then the file to make sure you are using the correct one.

I forgot to comment on this. I have no idea about your depth of understanding when it comes to RINs but in as much as you are going to utilize them as linkage to documents/images ETC… I advise you to regularly print out lists of names/RIN correlations because they are not permanent associations. RINs can change and throw your whole system off. Just a heads-up!