RIN renumbering

Renumbering RINs in Legacy Family Tree was pretty easy. I’ve yet to see how to do this in RM. I now have RM9 and wonder if this feature is available. I shrunk down my family tree file to only include related members and my numbering is all over the place. Any suggestions?

One way is to run all four of the database tools from the command pallete menu, do a backup, follow that with create a fresh new database open alongside your current streamlined one and then (from Pedigree or Family view) with your mouse pointer, click and hold down upon any one individual’s box then drag it out of the original screen across to the new database screen and drop them into the new database. You’ll be asked who to include, so choose everyone in the database. The new one will have everyone renumber ascending by RIN. Reports and saved searches and other auxiliary files stay with the source database though. It’s (effectively) the same as a GEDCOM being loaded into a database.