RM Magic - PRAGMA sqlite Integity Error (not with RM)

I ran the Pragma Integrity checks using the DB Browser. RM reports NO ISSUES. The quick check using the browser was clear. However the full check displayed the result below. I also tried export GEDCOM and importing to new DB and had same result. Is this something to be concerned about?

I get the same results using the RMtrix package for sqlite.

I get the same results from PRAGMA INTEGRITY_CHECK, both on my RM7 and my RM8 databases.

I’m still in production on RM7 and I delete my RM8 database and re-import from RM7 nearly every day. So I did that just now, and my newly imported RM8 database had the same error messages. I also ran REINDEX in my newly imported RM8 database and ran PRAGMA INTEGRITY_CHECK again. It still had the same errors

I have no idea if this is really an issue or not.

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@thejerrybryan . I noticed similar indexing errors when I check db integrity with SQLiteSpy. And after making edits with SQLiteSpy Rootsmagic integrity test shows indexing issues until I rebuild indexes. Being a novice with SQLite db’s I was wondering if this could be a result of the fake rmnocase stuff. Could it be that simple?

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I am thinking its not a true issue and probably has some thing to do with the proprietary RMNOCASE, So it could be expected – but is some ways that is worse-- because what if you ignore a real issue?

I considered mentioning RM’s proprietary RMNOCASE as a possibility. With SQLite managers, you have to deal with a fake RMNOCASE. I do wonder if what we are seeing is a consequence of the fake RMNOCASE. I don’t know for sure, but it’s a possibility.

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Not sure how we get around the RMNOCASE. Maybe Pat or Tom have thoughts. @TomH @PatJ do you have any thoughts?

thanks Kevin

Does DBbrowser support adding a RMNOCASE extension? If not, that may be at the root of your problem. Using SQLiteSpy with the fake RMNOCASE extension, the PRAGMA Integrity_Check has errors when the RM7 or RM8 database which passes RM’s Check Integrity is first opened. After running SQLite REINDEX, no errors in SQLite. However, on returning to RM, it does and it is necessary to Rebuild Indexes to clear the errors. These errors stem from the mismatch between RM’s proprietary collation sequence and the fake one. The fake using unifuzz.dll is a closer match than the one which gives the built-in NOCASE the alternate name RMNOCASE, thus resulting in fewer errors in both directions. It’s advisable to reindex in the application in use to avoid possible errors in search and other matching or sorting processes but I’ve been pretty lazy about it and cannot recall a problem - could be a bigger problem for characters outside the ANSII character set.

There can be errors outside of indexing that cannot be cleared by either. That’s indicative of some type of database corruption.


I haven’t seen these before but I make a ritual of re-indexing with RootsMagic itself straight after any add/change/delete SQL queries. I only use SQLite Spy for those queries.

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