[Q] Undetected database errors

Just curious if you can have undetected DB errors when running the RM tools. This might include previous repaired Indexes and Integrity. Maybe Tom or other person more familiar with SQLite can give some insight.

What other tools could one run to determine if there are any hidden errors that RM might miss?

thanks! Kevin

SQLite cannot detect if there is something about the data that causes the RM program to be wonky. It can only check that the database structure is intact and that the data is stored reliably. A test which I’ve advocated for years is to periodically do an export of everyone and everything which may fail if there is something wrong with the data such as having a lineage loop.

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besides regular RM backup – I do a GEDCOM several times per month. Just wondered if there was anything else. Thanks. Kevin

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There is garbage left behind by some RM processes that cannot be cleaned out by the RM UI that my Delete Phantoms script handles but not (yet) available for RM8:

There may be other data problems that can only be addressed using SQLite. For example, I’ve successfully recovered all or parts of databases that suffered file corruption and the users had no backup.