RM 9 Treesharing

Have a question on whether or not this is an issue, or I am doing something wrong.

On RM, I entered the Cemetery name in place details under Burial - so it shows as Wendell Cemetery, Wendell, Gooding Co, Idaho.

On Ancestry, I entered the Cemetery name in description of Burial - so it shows as Wendell, Gooding Co, Idaho, Wendell Cemetery.

The ancestry.com version in my preference. When I go to update the change into RM, it has the cemetery name in ‘value’ (love to do a screen print but can’t figure out how to paste it here). In RM value is none, but when I accept the change (ancestry to RM), I click the box for value, but nothing happens - the field in RM is unchanged. Also - where is the VALUE field in RM? When I go to edit the Burial in RM, there is no Value field - and Place Details still shows the cemetery name.

How do I get this changed the way I would like - that is having the Cemetery name in the ‘value’ field rather than using it in place details?


The “value” field for a fact and the “description” field for a fact are one and the same. RM has a habit of calling the same item by different names in different screens.

The data elements date, place, and description/value associated with RM’s facts can be enabled or disabled on a fact by fact basis. For most of RM’s built-in fact types, the description/value field is disabled by default. If you wish to use it for a particular fact type, you will need to enable it. If you wish to use it in sentences in narrative reports, then you will need to add the [Desc] variable to the sentence template for the fact. In your case, that would be for the Burial fact.

You can access the Fact Type list from quite a few different places in RM. The easiest place in RM9 is probably from the new main Tools tab on the far left side of the screen.

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