Return to RM 7 with new information that I have added to RM8

I have added new people to RM 8 and done some duplicates. Is it possible to return to RM7 with those updates.

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Ues, it is possible. However in order to do it, you have to export a GEDCOM file from 8 and import it back to 7. This has possible ramifications however. Things such as groups get lost in translation.

Not sure what you mean by losing groups? do you mean family groups

No! I mean named groups. In Rootsmagic you can create groups. People use groups for all kinds of things. In my case I have created a group that includes all people buried in certain cemeteries. One group for each. There is a video for RM7 that explains named groups at Using Named Groups in RootsMagic - YouTube. I am guessing that if you don’t know what they are, you probably have not created any.

No I haven’t. Thank you for explaining

If you create a file for database that can be used with the RM mobile app, that file will be an RMGC file which can be opened in RM7. In theory, that could be a very clean way to get back to RM7. However, I’m not 100% sure that that this method would be safe. I wish that the RM developers would simply announce either that’s it’s safe or that it is not safe.

The safest way to “go back” to RM7 is to be cautious about moving to RM8 in the first place. Just continue using RM7 for production and continue playing and testing with RM8. But that’s very hard to do in practice.

In my one experiment some time ago, I found that the rmgc file created by RM8’s Save to Dropbox is a partial conversion sufficient for the mobile reader app to use but readily crashed the RM7 desktop app.

I doubt that has changed because RM Inc has no interest in making it easy for RM8 users to revert.