Report of first and first removed cousins

Using RM8
I have to create a two-columned report listing “first cousins” then “first cousins once removed.” Is there an easy way to create this? Extract from a Kinship List somehow or do a Custom report? This is for an important document, so it is needed as soon as possible. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I think you will have to save the Kinship List to Excel format and manipulate it with Excel or other spreadsheet application.

Thank you Tom! It took some head scratching, but I was able to create two individual lists from a spreadsheet. Now all I need to do is combine those reports into a word document. Much appreciated! :grin:

it would be nice to see some relationship search and/or filtering from within the RM UI .
By degrees, Gen-up, Gen-down and maybe by cousin, aunt, uncle etc (or spouse thereof).

Most of that can be done by Sqlite.