I'm Having a Problem With Kinship Lists

Hello. I have been using RM for several years and currently use RM8. After composing a Kinship List for a cousin, I noticed that the spouses of my female cousins are incorrectly designated on the Kinship List. Example: The spouse of my 2nd cousin is listed incorrectly as “Second cousin”, instead of “Spouse of second cousin.” This occurs with all the spouses of my aunts and female cousins. Spouses of my uncles and male cousins are correctly designated.

I’m wondering if I am the only one experiencing this problem. I love the RM software, but will avoid creating Kinship Lists until the problem is resolved. Thank you in advance for your input.

Open a support ticket with the database/backup so we can see what’s causing it.

@rzamort-- I’m sure you don’t remember BUT you looked at my RM 8 databases last Feb 25 for this exact same problem with the kinship list and said

I see the issue clearly, and have it reported to development.

If its the same issue then there is no need to report it.

Exact same problem as @lzielinski posted above- @lzielinski any chance you have RM 7 or RM 9?–The kinship list is correct in both of those-- just not RM 8…

Thanks for the feedback. I really like RM8 but didn’t realize the Kinship List issues until recently. I went back to using RM7 for now although I like the interface of RM8. Seeing that other users have been having the same issues, I’m going to give up on RM8. I’m considering updating to RM9. Is anyone aware of any issues with RM9? Thanks again for the good feedback.

Actually, you don’t have to quit using RM 8— just when you want a kinship report, open a copy of your RM 8 file in RM 7 ( gedcom)-- print your report and carry on from there…

As for RM 9, it has some really nice new features like Associations BUT Associations s in it’s infancy— Associations will not transfer in a gedcom or drag and drop…

RM 9 like RM 8 had it’s glitches/ bugs–if Rm 8 works well for you then RM 9 should be okay–just have to try it and see…
If you do get RM 9, be sure to make COPIES of your file/ files and import the copy into RM 9-- not your originally RM 8 file and keep RM 7 and RM 8

Isn’t associations in the GEDCOM 7 specification? There are a couple of major GEDCOM 7 presentations at Roots Tech.

It is. Maybe even in 5.5.1. But that does not mean it is supported by applications. These are early days.

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In addition to the Kinship List problem with RM8, there is also a problem with using the drag and drop feature and exporting to create a GED file. It seems to hang up using RM8, but not for RM7. Using the Share feature, I uploaded my Ancestry tree and created a new RM7 file. There were no issues with the Kinship Lists. Then I created a GED file from my clean RM7 file and created a new RM8 file from the GED file. I had the same issues with the Kinship List.
Diana at RM Tech Support was very helpful in isolating the problem. Diana and I looked at the Kinship List from my RM7 file and observed no issues. We then opened the RM7 file using the RM8 program and had the same issues with the Kinship List. I created separate directories for my RM7 and RM8 files.
I’m probably going to update to RM9. Will it make a difference whether I purchase the update for $29, or purchase a new license for $39? Also, Can I update from my RM7 and not my RM8 to avoid importing problems into my new RM9? Thanks again for the advice.

Select the upgrade option since you are an existing user. You can directly import into RM9 and skip RM8.

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I upgraded to RM9 this morning. I uploaded my tree directly from Ancestry. I’ll sync my RM9 with Family Search later. No problems noted with Kinship List. I’m looking forward to using the Associations feature. Thanks to everyone for the feedback, and to Diana at RM Tech support.