Removing Unknown spouse

Just letting you know that after contacting RM today with my ticket number I received help from Jason and then from Diana to whom I granted remote access to my computer. After a lot of clicking, unlinking, checking ,deleting etc my mysterious unknown spouse died, my duplicate records disappeared and my file was corrected. We did lose one husband but I found him in my backup and gave him back to his wife.
My special thanks to RM and thanks to those who offered advice.
I will admit to forgetting that above the Index, left centre, are 4 little dots that allow one to slide that section of the screen up an down. Maybe if I’d remembered that I might have solved the problem earlier. Silly me.
Happy researching to one and all.

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I find the sidebar in RM8 to be much harder to use and to be much less useful than the sidebar was in RM7. I’m sure that there are many RM users who prefer the RM8 sidebar. But I am not in that group.

And, no, my preference is not simply that I was accustomed to the RM7 sidebar and that I am not accustomed to the RM8 sidebar. I am very accustomed to the RM8 sidebar. I just think the RM7 sidebar presented the information in a way that was much easier to understand and much easier to use.