Relationship to DNA matches

I have added a line of descent from common ancestors to many of my DNA matches. Is there a way to list DNA matches, cousins, and common ancestors in an excel sheet for a large database? A combination of kinship report and results of relationship calculator for DNA matches would be a big help.

I don’t know of a way to get everything in your wish list, but I have set up a group for my DNA matches. You can then print an Individual list selecting the group under settings (Who to include). Further options are to include spouse, parents, and children. You can then save the generated report to a variety of file formats that include either Excel or .csv. I would use .csv to facilitate column placement. It does not give relationships in this report.

It’s tedious, but I have created DNA facts for my matches. This allows me to sort and filter (make custom reports) based on where the match is from (23+me, etc.), the %/cM of the match, the number of segments, who the common ancestors are, and which relative/couple connects us to that common ancestor. I also enter the Maternal and Paternal Haplogroups if available as this can help identify potential lines for the match.

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Thank you I have used a similar approach withDNA groups and list. It seems like good addition to kinship list.

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This is close to what I have been doing. Do you put the details into a note attached to the DNA fact? I am building two spread sheets one for genealogy and another for triangulation groups. The genealogy sheet has data as you mention…total cM, #segs, cousinship (1C1R eg), AFN#, Gen2 (Paternal or Maternal), and MRCA.

These are the facts I created. I put the data in the description field. That makes it easy to create groups and spreadsheets based off custom reports. I would really love it if we could have more than one “people view”. I end up customizing and re-customizing the view, depending on what I am working on at the moment.

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Interesting. Please describe how you did this.

The simple example is found on Ancestry Tru-Links. Search DNA matches for common ancestors. You should see a direct descendant chart that links you to your match through a common ancestor (couple). I try to add much of these descendant line to my Roots Magic database based what I find at Ancestry, My Heritage, or Gedmatch pedigrees.

My misunderstanding. You mean you have used Ancestry’s ThruLines to identify people in another line of descent from a shared ancestor, then added their profiles to RM. I do just the same thing. I thought you meant you had worked out a way to pick out those lines, perhaps with colour coding or something.

I identify my DNA matches with $ and a space before their forename and colour just the DNA match purple. The $ usefully transfers via TreeShare to my Ancestry tree. It has not interfered with searches.

I created a group for everyone with $ which means I can list all my DNA matches.

I put the shared cMs that a match shares with my home person in the suffix field on Ancestry. Then, when I sync with RM, I can use the Individual List report to select people where the suffix contains “cM” and I have a list of all the DNA matches I’ve added to the tree.