Fact List - suggestion: add the ability to print the note associated with a fact

Since the Custom Reports are not available (yet?), it would be helpful to be able use the Fact List report to see information.

I enter DNA match information in the DNA fact note and it would be nice to see all of those in a report with the optional ability to not have the Date and Place columns included.

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You can partially get there. I created my own fact type “DNA Match”. I set it up to not use the date and place fields, only the description. Or you can edit the existing DNA Test fact to not use the date and place fields. Did you know that the fact list report can be filtered to report just the one fact type? The only thing the report does not do, is print notes.

The default setting for the DNA test Fact does not use Place, but the Fact List report for DNA test produces the Place column anyway.

The big miss is the lack of the Notes column.

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