Question about "Find Everywhere"

I have a custom-made fact in RM8 called “WikiTree” which I add to each person for whom I have created a profile at WikiTree, so I know which people I’ve done (and I add the date, too, so I’ll know when I did it).

I want to create a group of all persons with this fact (i.e., all persons for whim I have created WT profiles), but I can’t figure out how to do it. I assumed the first step would be to create a list of those people (which I could then import into a new group), but “Find Everywhere” will only find text in fact-fields, not the labels of the field. I also tried searching on “2022,” to identify at least those persons I’ve created WT profiles for this year, but that also gives me zero results. I’m obviously doing something wrong here. Or am I going about creating the group the wrong way to begin with?

Look up “named group” in the RM Wiki to learn about creating groups. Your custom fact type will appear in the list of available criteria. You want to Mark people for whom the WikiTree fact exists.

The same criteria are available in Advanced Search but not in Find Everywhere.