Pulling FamilySearch Memories to RM Media

Hello, I am familiar with transferring Sources between RM9 and FamilySearch, but cannot for the life of me see how I can do the same with FS tagged Memories/RM Media (in either direction). What am I missing please?

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Interesting – never explored that. (though I prefer to do Citations/Sources Manually)

The FS/RM interface does not support transfer of media in either direction. The only method I know is to download the media to your media folder, attach the media to a person or fact, and then create RM tags associated to the person, fact or citation. I typically do this when using the FS hints to look at suggested FS records. After attaching the accepted match and record citation to the online FS tree person, I then download the media to my RM folder. After I process the hints for that person, I then create the fact, citation, and attach the media to the RM record. You can also use the RM/FS interface to transfer the event/facts and citation information.

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Thanks, that’s disappointing, but I can sort it out manually as needed (Notes help because they can be sync’d).