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I just encountered a shocker… although there is provision for View sites, which are simply ways of viewing an existing database / website, there is a limit of 15 such sites. I have not seen that limitation anywhere in the documentation for the RM7 and RM8 that I work with. My first encounter was when I was setting up the basis for the 16th View site and RM8 told me that I was limited to 15!

I had planned my structure around the ability to maintain one clean database for a large group but enable subsets for various users to look at “their” segment of the tree. All this planning and setting up groups in the main database is now wasted.

I have asked Tech Support if there is any plan to remove this rather artificial limitation, but have no answer yet. [I called it rather artificial because these extra View Sites don’t require extra data space, only a tiny bit of overhead to keep track of the Settings that control how a View is presented. For their overall system, having users call up subsets should use less overall processing capacity than rendering an entire database in order to let a viewer look at a small segment of that full database. ]

Anyway, beware! There is a limitation of 15 sites, even though you could be well below your data capacity limitation.