Proof classification

Facts are able to be classified.

But there is no way to classify the basic relationship.

I add all assertions that I find for an individual, including all the junk and add conclusive statements. Why can’t the assertion that people are children and spouses be classified as Proven, Disproven and Disputed? And enable the red line through Disproven and Disputed names as is done with other facts. Aren’t assertions of relationships facts?

Click on the Parent Line (or spousal) line. In the sidebar, where you can label the relationship is a Proof box with all of the above options in the dropdown.

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Thanks, I wasn’t aware that existed,

  • that remains hidden when viewing anything except when you would go check the proof, so I think it’s not effective

  • it doesn’t put a red line through the person’s name

What I’m doing presently is using the suffix box to add “FALSE ASSERTION”