Printing Charts - printer problem

Recently upgraded to RootsMagic 8 and am quickly learning all the new bells and whistles. But am having an issue printing readable charts and reports. Anything I print from RM8 comes out with a shadow making the text practically unreadable. I’ve tried different fonts, different size fonts, color / no color, etc. Am thinking it must be a setting in RM8 but am not seeing anything else to try. It’s an HP Laserjet that I use on a daily basis with other programs without this same problem.

I believe Ancestor, Descendant, Box and Hourglass charts have a Shadow setting within the Indented Corners settings… but they default to Show Shadow checkbox NOT selected. If they are still unchecked, maybe try bypassing the printer driver by saving the chart to a .PDF file and check for the shadowing?

Kevin, Thanks for the suggestion. I checked that out but afraid it didn’t solve my problem. Did end up discovering though it my color printer cartridges. Knew they were low but am a tightwad and wanted to get every last drop out of them. After changing them out for new, my charts come out beautifully.