Presenting Titled Nobility in RM8

Sorry if the title seems pretentious, it is not intended to be.

I am new to using RM8 as my prime software, previously I have just been using it for Gedcoms and printing out charts and trees.

I am fed up of Ancestry’s very limited management features hence I want to clean up our very messy trees in RM8, which I have sort of done but I am unsure of how to specifically deal with presenting the data on certain individuals.

We have a Gateway ancestor that leads us to the nobility here in England, how I have them presented and displayed is all over the place and I am unsure of what data to place in which field.

eg King Edward III of England, in which fields would you add the info, at present he is presented:-
Given Edward
Surname III of England
Suffix. King

Which displays as Edward III of England King, which imo is not right, King should be first

In Ancestry there is no Nickname or Prefix fields so I do not know if I should use them and if I do how will that effect my tree on Ancestry?

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In RM8, why not enter “King” in the Pretext field that would then read as “King Edward III of England”. I would try that and see if your charts and reports read how you expect them to read. You would also want to check to see how the RM8 GEDCOM feature exports the name.

Given: Edward III
Suffix: King of England

or no suffix as is the case in the sample data at

You could add the Occupation fact to cover his reign as King.

I would put his given name as Edward III and use the title fact to note King of England. King is not a name, it is a title. As such it should not be in the name fields unless you want to put it in the prefix field. If you use the prefix of King and the Title fact, you get a sentence something like:

King Edward III was born in 1312 at Windsor Castle in Windsor, England. He held the title of King of England from 1327 to 1377. He died in 1377 at the age of 65 in England.

Before he was King, he was known as Edward of Windsor. Maybe that should be entered as an Alternate name.