Nickname or Alternate Name?


I would like to know your best practices regarding every day naming of people. For example, when everyone use Freddy for Frederic or Mamita for a grandma named Margherita.

If I create a Nickname in RM, it’s added with " between Given and Surname and nothing gets sync in FamilySearch (remains white both side in FamilySearch Person Tool Share data in RM)

If I start from FS and create a Nickname too in Other Information / Alternate Name / Nickname, the sync adds an Alternate Name in RM, which is not what I want and Alt. Name fields remain yellow on both sides.

Is this a known problem in RM8?

Many thanks

Add it as an alternate name if you want to add it to FamilySearch.

For now I create both side, hoping that RM8 will be corrected, many thanks for your answer

It’s a matter of what the FamilySearch API will accept. They won’t accept the nickname field. They only support prefix [title], given, surname and suffix.