Places, that are incorrect

how can incorrect locations be corrected (in New Zealand), as I see many that are wrong.

  1. Choose Locations, then choose ellipsis menu ( ), then choose Reverse Places, then type New Zealand in the search box (or scroll up/down to the first listing), then choose (highlight) first incorrect entry, then click on Name in right-hand Edit Place pane. Change any/all Place fields same way.

I should been more precise, what I meant was the "Gazetteer.
Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand.
could be - Mount Eden, New Zealand —6667
- South Auckland, New Zealand
- Mount Eden, North Auckland, New Zealand.

NOT good, any of the three are shown as correct, But Mount Eden is part of Auckland, NOT South Auckland or North Auckland.
How can we get this CORRECT??

We manually geocode it. As for fixing the Gazetteer, we don’t fix it. I seem to recall that was a bit licensed from a third party and until they change it, there isn’t anything we can do.