RM8 Changing my Place names to Standard

In RM7 when I entered a place name (while editing a person) it would bring up a standardized version I could choose to use. It doesn’t seem to be doing that in RM8 but when I go to “places” my not standardized places often will show a “standard” option under the “name” on the right hand side. Is there a way to change my entered name easily to this suggested name or is copy/erase/paste my best choice? Thank you!

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An option is to use the Gazetteer in RM8 to enter a place name. When entering a place name in the edit window, start typing the place and then click on the Gazetteer symbol (to the right of the place entry) as shown below. Then click “Paste to Place”.

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The three dots on the main place list window (left half of the screen) includes the option to Geocode Selected Place to get the standardised name and lat-long generated but you then have to copy and paste. I liked the RM7 “Use Standardised” option and would like it back.


RM8 is a failure, so far. I’ve gone back to RM7

Well that’s a really, really useful post which tells us all the reasons why you think RM8 is a failure. I’m pleased you posted it - it goes a long way to clearing up all the queries that most people have. Thanks.

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Well, it’s not the answer I was hoping for, but it is a helpful one. Thank you!!