Person edit cursor positioning

Futher to one of my most missed as mentioned in my post What are your MOST missed keyboard shortcuts in RM8? - #7 by Helen_CO_USA

  • the inability to jump via tab from the display side of eg a person edit screen to the actual edit side

It seems an inconsistency that when in edit person you can click on the row/column spot for the

  • note on a fact on the LHS and be immediately positioned in the rhs ready to edit
  • ditto for the source / media / tasks, albeit each requiring further choices for the next action

But if you click on the fact itself nothing happens other than the display on the rhs of the details.

Iā€™d very much like to see double click (and/ or tab) position you in the first available field for editing on the lhs, preferably with the field already selected for full replacement as it does if you arrow down the edit pane fields

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