Page Totals in Footers

Hi all, No idea if this has been asked previously: a search suggests not.
Is there any way of printing the total number of pages as part of a footer for a research report (using RM 8).
In the RM 7 manual, it says [Total], which I think actually worked; the RM 8 wiki says there are five - and lists four!! (link below)
I’ve tried [Total], [TotalPages], [PagesTotal], [Pages] but they do not work.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
wiki link Report Settings - RootsMagic Wiki

Total number of pages is not currently supported in RM8.

Hi Renee
Thanks for the reply.

May have to disagree with you on this one: here’s why.

When Generate Report is clicked, between the icons at the top is… 1 of 5, 1 of 6 etc. I don’t know what programming language you use for RM but I’m guessing somewhere there’s a variable stuffed away somewhere, containing what I, and no doubt a few others, would dearly love to use.

May I be so bold as to suggest the Wiki is edited to reflect the actual number of placeholders available (if it hasn’t already been edited).

I realize this isn’t the place for feature requests but Page Totals is a bit of an oversight, isn’t it? Looking forward to it in a future update. Just as well my glass is half full, eh?