Number of generations in 32-bit version?

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Is that true for the 32-bit version?

Good question.

My experience is that 32-bit software has supported 64 bit numbers for quite a long time. What 32-bit software does not and cannot support is 64 bit addresses and 64 bit pointers. My experience about 32-bit software supporting 64 bit numbers is only a rule of thumb and is not guaranteed in all cases.

Just clarifying because all previous 32-bit versions were limited to 31 generations (or 32) while the database engine itself was capable of 64. So it certainly sounds like a long-awaited program revision that could have been implemented over a decade ago. I demo’d 64-gen Ahnentafel from a RM5 database 11 years ago.

I wonder if that is enough to get me back to Jesus!

Possibly, if your direct line ancestors bore their next-in-line at an average of at least 32 years. :roll_eyes:

But you’ve got people past the 3 std deviation markers like Abraham and Sarah who will throw that average way out of whack.