Not Finding File for Roots Magic-to-go

I have a file the location for which I can see both while the file in open and when I search my hard drive. It is not in Documents; I prefer my own method for selecting file locations.

I would like to export to RM-to-go but the location is not shown in default and I cannot see it as a choice when I browse.

I contacted tech support on Saturday and on Tuesday I was asked where the file was located but there has been no other response for 20 hours.

Looks like you were working with Jason. I do see he replied back today on the ticket. We were closed for the weekend and for Labor Day. So tickets have been backed up.

Yeah, I figured that was the problem.

He has now responded. First he wanted to know where the file was located (B:). Now he wants me to move it to my C Drive, where all of my programs are located. My file is actually on my hard drive but not in Documents. I just don’t understand how that could be a solution.

It will look for the data where the Settings, Folder Settings are located for data in RM. In RM To-Go on the left side of the Select Data screen you should be able to click on Change to select another location if its not in the default folder location. Have you tried changing the default folder inside the program?

It is very kind of you to keep going with this.

Yes, I did change the default location and I saved to that location but…nothing.

Saving to the default location, however, did work, though I am not terribly happy about that.

I am attaching, I hope, snips of what is selected vs. what is shown when I try to save to RM Flash Drive:

This is what I see when I Change to where the file really is:

I am kind of confused here! What file are you actually working with? You are showing files on your B: drive. The second screenshot shows the Christian Kelly Family Tree 2022.rmtree files as being on your I: drive. If that is the file you are trying to move, then you need to change to the I: drive because right now it is looking in the C:\Users\Jane\Documents folder.

When you click on Change in the lower right panel and select B drive is it changing it to I drive? I haven’t seen a B drive in a very long time. Is that a floppy disk drive?

My computer is 4 years old. My hard drive is split into C for programs and B for Data.

I am attaching a single jpg of what I can see for the file in question on the B drive AND a snip of the choice of where I want to transfer data; I have highlighted I (renamed ROOTSMAGIC8). Since the menu says to “Select the drive to which you wish to install RootMagic and/or transfer data,” I have selected I (aka ROOTSMAGIC8).

Nope… apparently an external hard drive with desktop software to partition up into segments wd easystore - YouTube

To-Go is not intended to be installed onto the drive where RootsMagic is installed. I wonder if you choose a thumbdrive or other removeable media rather than this WD drive , that To-Go would probably install. This WD drive is your boot device and the one you run RootsMagic from, correct?

I do have a backup drive, it is labeled easy store, not WD. It is not the I: drive. The flash drive where I want To-Go is I: (aka Rootsmagic8) and is the Roots-to-Go I purchased from RM. The actual program is on my C; drive, not on the I: Drive.
My Drives

I mentioned WD as shorthand for Western Digital, the retailer of storage drives and EasyStore software.

Okay. My backup to the backup actually says WD on it. It is not so obvious on the easy store, though, now that I look more closely, you are absolutely right.


I am still having an issue with RootsMagic-to-Go.

I have changed my preferences in setting to the place I actually want to save my files.

Nonetheless, when I Select in Files RootsMagic To-Go, the hard drive location defaults to Documents. Okay, so I Select the actual location, where the file is not shown.

I am attaching one jpg of the RMTG superimposed over the actual file location. Not the same.

I am not certain anyone truly understood what you were doing and how you got to what you were showing in pictures. You are talking about using RootsMagic-To-Go which by design is installed on a removable drive that you take with you. Yet you are talking about drives on your physical machine, such as the B: drive. It sounds very much like you are confusing RootsMagic-To-Go with Rootsmagic. They are the same program, they just install in different places.

You also mention your I drive. Can we assume that I: is a flash drive or some other portable drive where you actually installed RootsMagic-To-Go. My assumption from wading through the pictures is that you installed Rootsmagic on your C: drive, probably in Program Files and you are keeping your collection of working files and backups on B: which you claim is a partition of the C: drive. If you want RootsMagic -To-Go on your I: drive, it is a completely separate install. It looks like from your post on September 8 that you have begun the installtion of RM-To-Go up to the point where you have selected the I: drive, labelled ROOTSMAGIC8. Did you finish that install?

The Change Data Files Folder dialog is NOT going to show FILES (ie. filenames), strictly FOLDERS… the button is labeled ~Select Folder~ . I presume it should match the ~Data folder~ setting in Settings-> Folder Settings of regular RootsMagic 8 .

The overlay image titled “Change Data Files Folder” shows no files because it is designed to show only folders. I think it should show database files, too, which would confirm you are in the right folder.

Ooooooh. Okay. Something copied. We’ll see how it works.

Thank you.