Needed improvements to TreeShare

There are some things that RM could do fairly easily to reduce the hand cramping when using TreeShare. One is simply display a count of number of changes so it’s easier to track progress.
Next is an “Add All” button. This would add all new entries, and require so major changes to the UI. The only thing that happens on new people is you click the “add” button. The option of adding people one at a time could still be used for people that need clicking practice.
There’s no legitimate reason NOT to make these changes. It is minimal development and eliminates no existing functionality. There is no need to review these entries as you’ve already done your review when you entered or merged them.

Confirming enhancement request have been reported to development.

One thing you probably weren’t aware of with the request of automatically adding people is it could cause duplicates. If you have “Only show changed people” showing you won’t see duplicates that are already matched. Those duplicates could be in RM or on Ancestry. Merging needs to be done on either side outside of RM.

Possibly, but there’s no difference between hitting the Add button or hitting Add All if you have Only Show Changed People set. The chance of a duplicate is equal either way.

Another issue with ‘add all’ (at least for people like me who work from Ancestry to RM) is that we might miss all the marriages for the people concerned.

Of course we could set the flag so that the people still appear as changed after they have been added, but this would mean that we would still have to click on each one at least once afterwards to set them to unchanged. This would still be an improvement over the current situation, as at least the marriages that needed to be added could be added in a single subsequent operation per marriage rather than the two-stage operation required now, but it would definitely reduce the benefit.

If adding people in bulk could be combined with marking them as unchanged if there is no marriage to add or changed if there is, then it would be a signficant improvement.

To my mind, all aspects of Treeshare are far, far, far too labour intensive, leading to the ‘hand cramping’ that @keithcstone complains about, but amending existing people, where you have at least one and sometimes multiple clicks per event, is the worst aspect by a long way; the problems handling marriages come next and adding new people without marriages follows up at the rear.

Omg yes!!!
The lack of Accept All is the single thing that keeps me from using RM for more than an Ancestry backup.
2 levels are needed: All All and person All. Ie for 10 changed profiles 1 click or 10 clicks.
Fact based is insane.

Not sure how big your tree is but if I had to add 800 new persons, I would have created a new file in RM and then downloaded my whole Ancestry tree to create a new tree (all in one hit).

I have used TreeShare extensively since it first was introduced, and while it has some issues (mainly because of Ancestry limitations with its API) I am happy with the way it works, as is. I would never use an “Add All” feature. I do note that in your example, all the changed persons are new entries, which I have never experienced.