Multiple Trees in Ancestry

Can I use Rootsmagic for more than one tree on Ancestry? When I connect to Ancestry via Rootsmagic 9 it goes directly to my main tree. I would like to be able to back up my other trees, also.

Yes you can-I have six on Ancestry that I use with RootsMagic TreeShare. RootsMagic can only be connected to one Ancestry tree at a time. So, to upload and connect to it, close your existing RootsMagic file and open another file with the tree you want to upload to Ancestry. Then you can use RootsMagic TreeShare to upload the new file and connect to that new tree. Ancestry TreeShare is used with the file that is opened in RootsMagic.

Thank you very much! I’ll try again. I think I was missing a step in there.

make sure you have UNchecked the box “Open last database” in the settings - that way you can choose the tree to work on
you may want to Download the trees from Ancestry rather that do an Upload


Okay, thank you very much.