Multi View of same database side by side

In 7 I could open the same file several times. I am unable to perform the same in 8. I guess u would call it tiling?

RM8 does not follow the modal window design of RM7 - in RM8 you can have more than one persons edit screen open at the same time and they are “tabbed” across the bottom of the screen.

You can have multiple databases open at the same time. Not sure about the same database multiple times. If it does not work, simply make a copy with a different name then you will definitely be able to open both.

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@Bocito What are you trying to achieve?

Good question - I would be interested in the answer too. It might make a difference to how people respond.

If you have ever worked with Italian records you would understand why it is necessary to have multiple screens of the same database. It has to do with the same names. I have several generations living in the same village with mother and father having the same identical names. Only by having multiple screens was I able to notice the mistake I was making. You can see my database on geneanet and then you would understand my dilemma. It is one of the perks working with Italian civil records.

Exactly which screen or view do you use that you want to show for each family to compare?

When it comes to multi screens 7 was a God send. I wish they would put it back. The more I work with 8 the more I realize that it is getting to complicated. I am a firm believer of KISS. Keep it simple stupid syndrome. Remember the Master genealogist. It to got to complicated.

I have only one database. It contains over 60000 names from the same area Piacenza in Italy. My records go back to 1806. I don’t have different databases. Just 1. It is easier to work with. I use color coding. In 7 I could open the date file several times one 1 screen and toggle between them. Was real simple for me. Now I have to hunt and hope that I am not making double entries. It is not for each family it is for all the families. I have over 19000 families. Like I said. Go to Geneanet and search for the Bettola tree. If you have ever used 7 with multi screens you would understand.

Sorry but that is not enough. I need full dates to show.

What “full dates” are you looking to see shown… that aren’t already shown in the multiple tabs of Edit Person windows that Terry pointed You to?

What I saw in you example was the reference number at the bottom of the screen. I need full date and place.

You need to click on the tab(s) at the bottom and see the entire Edit Person window for each person magically appear with full dates. You can toggle between them freely.

When I have two screens. One the right is one person. On the left I can scroll through suspected repeats looking at both full screens. On the present setup I have to toggle. With 7 you can view both at the same time without toggle. Makes life simple. I want the same database open at the same time. It is difficult for me to explain what I need. RM 8 lacks what I need.

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Use the suggestion that Chad made, create a copy of your database, open that copy on one screen, and the original on the other screen.
In RM8 click on File in the left pane just above People.
Then click on Tools in the right pane.
Then click on Copy.
Select the location for the new (copy) file.
Select a name for the copy, you could just add Comparison or something similar to the file name of your main file.
When you have created the copy, you can drag that file on to your second screen, work on the original file and use the copy to check for existing or matching names etc.
By adding something like Comparison to the file name of the copy it should make it easy to work on the existing file without confusing the two.

What was once one key stroke in 7 is now over 10 in 8. That is not an improvement. It is a simple waste of time. I look at 8 and all I see in a bunch of fluff. I call it eye candy. So every time I update on the primary database I have to copy and replace the duplicate file. Count the steps and key strokes. Give me back 7.

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There is absolutely nothing that says you can not use RM7 if it better suits your purpose. You are free to go back. RM8 doesn’t suit me either, so I still use RM7 along with another program to do what I need.

Exactly. My feeling is a new OS is supposed to improve on the old. I don’t see any improvements. Just extra steps or clicks to accomplish or achieve the same goals. Maybe they could make it were the duplicate updates itself when the primary file is updated or corrected.

I have regretted ‘upgrading’ from v7 to v8. I actually stopped doing genealogy research due to the frustration of bugs and removed functionality. It’s just an awkward piece of software now and I don’t trust it with my genealogy data.

The best way to guard against lost events in genealogy is to make a backup before doing something like merge etc. I have always said that eight was the result of trying to do to much. They tried to be all to everybody.