Missing icon in temple column of FamilySearch feature

In the FamilySearch Person Tools the vast majority of my ancestors have different colored temple icons in the right column of the name index. Some of them do not have an icon, it’s blank. What does this mean?

FamilySearch has a new temple status that is not appearing in the FT API. It will cause the temple status icon to not show on these individuals. The new status is reserved with the option to still request to do the work. So others can request ordinances that were shared with the temple. On FamilySearch the new icon has a small temple with stop watch in the corner. Next to the actual ordinance it will have an icon with the letter for the ordinance and that stop watch.

Thanks Renee for the response. Will RM update the empty icon at some point in the future?

When FamilySearch has one in the FT API for us to use.

Thank you for your continued help and support. Any idea when the FT API will be updated so RM can import the new icon? Also, until that happens, can I assume that the blank icons represent “Reserved” ordinances where I can go ahead and make a request myself?

I can’t give you any ballpark on when FamilySearch will give us a new icon. You won’t be able to assume blank icons mean reserved because blank can also mean the person is not matched to anyone on FamilySearch. You may want to color-code people so you can tell them apart. I made a custom fact type (FSFT) to note their status and then use it to filter for color-coding or groups.