Mismatch in couple relationship - TreeShare

I had posted in the fb RM users group a copy of an earlier discussion on the FTM users group about an issue with the Ancestry side having the couple relationship seemingly randomly flipping to “Unknown”. The FTMUG admin was surveying users (including any using RM) as an aid to FTM software developers to determine where the cause lay and how to fix it. I note now that the RMUG admin has removed the post which I think is unfortunate because there is an issue between RM and Ancestry over TreeShare in that the couple relationship setting on one side is not affected by changes on the other and, yet, a change is detected by the “Only show changed people” filter. However, there is no highlight of what has changed.

  • Could this be a contributing factor to why people sometimes see the “changed people” list grow but see no difference?
  • Might there be something going on over the API that is more than detecting a difference in the couple relationship settings? Might RM be triggering changes on the AMT end?
  • Is RM going to implement full support of couple relationships over TreeShare?

If you are also a FTM user you can see the full discussion at Family Tree Maker® Users | Facebook