Miscellaneous e ent thpe

I quite often use the event type ‘miscellaneous’ in RM9.

I then synchronise my RM Tree with my Ancestry Tree and this creates a new event there.

A bit later, it seems that Ancestry sends this event back to RM9 as a new event called ‘misc’.

Crazy or am I doing something wrong (again!)?


Have you tried changing your event type to match what Ancestry is sending you?
Maybe that would declare a truce.

May not be that you are doing something wrong BUT perhaps different that results in the download sending it back as a new event-- I do know that Ancestry does NOT always ACCEPT AND SHOW CUSTOMIZED FACTS-- I made a customized fact for the 1841, 1861 and 1871 UK census and the only one Ancestry did NOT SHOW was the 1841 UK Census-- don’t know what the difference is…
I did try adding a new general Misc fact ( with description turned on) to a database-- tree shared it up and down from Ancestry and it showed no change on the person and the Misc fact download just fine—doesn’t make sense

edit–I went back into the downloaded Ancestry file and on my CUSTOMIZED FACTS, it now says I NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE–so it doesn’t work as well as I thought…

each Fact needs to have a Sentence structure to display or print - easiest way is to Copy the Sentence format from a Census Fact & Paste into your custom ones (you may need to tweak it some) [person] was enumerated in the census< as [Desc:Plain]>< [Date]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>.

@MadDog --Thanks --always appreciate your advice BUT I didn’t explain myself very well-- the fact was defined and working in my test database BEFORE I tree shared it…

It is okay on Ancestry even including my fact note

Then I tree shared the file back to RM 9 and it wasn’t okay–notes are gone also

When I tree shared the file BACK to RM9, it did NOT show any changes in any of my info which is why it took me a while to notice it-- @RichardS --I think your problem and mine are related BUT don’t know EXACTLY what you mean by Ancestry sends this event back to RM9 as a new event called ‘misc’ – can you send some screen shots or explain more in depth as I don’t want to take over your post and @rzamor1 may want to move mine to a new thread… …

I’ve seen Ancestry and FamilySearch at times create a different Miscellaneous fact type instead of using the built-in fact type. The built-in fact type has the Name and Abbreviation fields grayed out so they cannot be changed. In RM9 you can change the custom Miscellaneous fact over to the built-in one using Tools, Change fact type for everyone. Rename the custom one so you can tell them apart.

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