Merging several trees

New user here.

I imported my tree from FamilySearch, and the import stopped after a certain point (out of memory error).

What I want to do is to create secondary trees, with the root entity being someone at the end of my base tree ( the one with me as the root) then merge them into two trees. Is this possible?

Also, is there a way to pull my tree from Family Search without it keeping track of aunts and uncles? I’m interested only in direct descendancy, and keeping track of 10th great aunts or uncles is just a waste of time and space.

Thanks in advance,

Phil R

FamilySearch doesn’t give us much control when downloading through their API. You could download into a blank database and then strip it of what you want to bring over to your main tree. In fact I always do that. I don’t recommend importing directly into the main tree because you never know when the connection will end, leaving you with an incomplete tree.

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