Merging duplicate WebTags?

When i am adding the SAME census record (eg: 1850 “x” county census) but adding it for two seperate people (eg: Joe in the 1850 “x” county census) , and then from the SAME CENSUS as a NEW SOURCE it will also have Rick in the 1850 “x” county census) This is due to the fact that FamilySearch seperates two differnt people on the same census as 2 seperate sources, when in reallity it should be one source, and each CITATION of that source would be for each seperate person, however, when i use the “merge duplicate source/citation” features it only removes duplicates with everything the same, the only way for me to see that they are differnt is by seeing they have the same WebTags, (the same link will be used across two sources, since it is two differnt people, but it SHOULD be one link per source) so, at last, is there a way to merge all sources with the same WebTags to prevent this type of duplication from happening? Or is it not currently possible to merge duplicate WebTags automatically (without having to individually merge each one) Hopefully that makes some sense, kind of hard to explain.

I’m probably asking a question with an obvious answer. For the sources that seem to be in need of merging, are they sources that you typed in yourself? Or are they sources that you brought into RM via RM’s interface to FamilySearch?

FamilySearch doesn’t have the same concept for sources so there isn’t away to make individual citation unless you add that information yourself. I usually add “Ind:” in front of the source name so they all sort together.

Yeah that makes sense , I’ll try out what you do

Sources from FS imported to RM9