Merging of sources possible?

Asking for help in a problem I have. My database is over 20 years old. I started with Family Tree Maker 4 - updated with all the new FTM until they no longer made it. Then I came to Rootsmagic, starting with 6. I’m at 9.1.2 now. The latest.
SO over all these years of updating the sources have been lost per say. Now instead of the source directly entered, it gives the name of the file I had it in. Example: momb or momb2015 and so on. So some of my names have momb two or three times for just the person’s name.
I’m open to suggestions to fixing the MESS!!!
I have over 53,000 people in my tree if that helps.
Thanks for your guidance.

I believe the recommendation is to merge duplicate sources first then Citations. Note: you should definitely two backups before you attempt.

Sources / 3 dots / Merge Duplicate sources
Note – that my understanding is it will only merge duplicate sources that exact match (Same with citation)

I have not need to do that since first moving to RM from FTM when RM 8 was preview.


It would help to see exactly how its setup now. Could you give us the screen shot of one?