Media Gallery Strangeness, Sticks With First Item After Filtering

Windows 10, RM

I was thinking this problem had been discussed before, but I was just now not able to find any discussion. My apologies if it has been discussed and I just failed to find the discussion.

When I first go into the main Media tab, the list is unfiltered, the first media file is highlighted, and the first media file is selected. By “the file is selected”, I mean that the file is showing in the right hand panel.

I want to take a minor detour to mention that there seem to be several places in the RM9 user interface where a item can be highlighted without being selected. It’s maddening when that happens, and it can produce all kinds of strange results where I am suddenly on a different person or a different something than I expected. For this particular problem with media files, it certainly can happen that the highlighted media file and the selected media file are different. I’m not sure that’s the whole cause of the problem I’m about describe, but it certainly seems to be a part of the problem.

I then use the search box to filter to a different media file. The media file to which media list has been filtered is highlighted but it’s not selected. The first file in the original list is still the one that’s selected. Any viewing or editing activity applies to the selected file rather than the file to which I filtered and which is now highlighted. That seems wrong, somehow or other.

The problem is even worse than it sounds. If I get into this situation and if I happen to notice that the selected file is the wrong file, I can’t even make the highlighted file to which I filtered become the selected file by clicking on it. It’s like the click is just dead.

A workaround is to highlight (and thereby select) any file in the media list other than the first one in the list.prior to entering the filter in the search box. Subsequent to doing so, everything works perfectly. The highlighted file and the selected file always match perfectly and it’s no longer the original first file in the list which is still selected.

It seems to make no difference whether the media list is in Thumbnail view or in Media List view.

I can make a video, but I think that description should be adequate.

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I can confirm that what you describe also happens on the Mac version of RootsMagic (running Sonoma 14.3 RM and it is frustrating.

I also use the workaround you describe to ensure the media list contains more than one item.

I’ve had the same issue. I eas try ro delete a bunch of media (doubled due to tree share) and found I had to do double clicks to get to the media I wanted to delete. Turn the operation into a lot longer session than expected due to all the extra clicks needed.

It’s two separate issues. One is focus on the item. The other is filtering to only one item and you cannot select it. Both have been reported to development.


there is definitely a refresh lag type issue with Media – I do not exactly remember when /if it was discussed before or reported. It is definitely occuring and quite annoying. One could certainly make errors with that. (another reason I prefer Drag n Drop for most things)

yes I believe most list view deliver the same “wrong” results and definitely what I would consider a bug. I had been meaning to review/search this topic but keeping forgetting.