Media Filter Not Working Correctly Immediately After Starting RM

RM9.0.5.0, Windows 10. Nobody is going to believe this one, so I made a video.

I often use the filter box in the main media tab to get quickly to a particular media file. I often do so immediately after starting RM. The filter I’m using often gets the list of matching media files down to a list of only one media file. Under these precise circumstances, the filter does not work correctly. The problem is 100% repeatable on my RM.

By “not work correctly”, I mean the following. Upon first clicking the main Media tab, the first media file in the media list is highlighted. Under the precise circumstances described in the previous paragraph, if I then filter the list and try to look at the media file that’s in the filtered list, it instead shows me the media file that was initially shown by default when I first entered the main media tab.

I can workaround the problem by changing the filter slightly so that filtered list contains more then one item. I then highlight any file that is not the first file in the list. From this point on, all filtering activity works correctly, even if I go back to the original filter with the original problem. The problem will not happen again unless I shut down RM and start it again.

Here is the link to the video: Video of Strange Media Filter Problem, 2:01

Mac RM9.0.6. Needed your video to understand how to filter media (an overlooked feature).
Open RM9…click media icon…all media icons. Filter for one item NOT the first in the list and it shows up correctly in the left pane thumbnail. But clicking that thumbnail takes you to the first media item in the entire list essentially confirming your error.

Upon further review, I was incorrect that after I get the filter process working correctly it stays working correctly until the next time I start RM. Rather, the problem has to do with the first or only item that satisfies the filter, and the problem does not go away until the next time I start RM. The problem is very persistent. Here’s a little longer video that displays the problem more clearly.

Second Video of Problem Filtering Media List, 3:51

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Good catch and great video.

Good update on the 2nd video. Thanks for that. No surprise, but wanted to confirm that I can duplicate this “first item in the list” problem on mac 9.0.6. Double clicking on the item at the top of the filtered list opens the top media item from the unfiltered list.

Confirming issue has been reported to development.

In media tab, when the left and right side of the screen don’t match, I find that I can refresh the right side by right clicking the left hand side item to display its context menu. No need to select one of those menu items.

Interesting.That does work for me as well.

Reference to original post:

Interesting thread. Either I didn’t remember it or I failed to relate it to my problem.

The discussion in the original thread was about a filter which reduced the number of items to one. As I noted in my videos, my experiences is that it’s the first item in the list that has the problem. Obviously if there is only one item in the list then it’s the first item. But if a filter produces a list of multiple items, my experience is that the second and subsequent items are fine. It’s only the first item in the list that has the problem.