Is this expected multimedia search behavior because I didn't expect it

Hi all, I go to Multimedia tab, enter a name in the search box, the media list is empty but a media item shows on the right under ‘Edit Media’. On review of the ‘Tags’ I find the name.

If RM is going to search that deep then the media item should be in the list but frankly I’m just looking for the media with this name so this just confusing.

Here’s another situation where I enter a name that does have a media item and the list shows only that item but the Edit Media section shows the first media item in the unfiltered list. Clicking on the media item in the list does not change the Edit Media image (I suspect this is because RM has already selected the media list item).

If there is more than 1 image in the list then selecting the unselected item will change the Edit Media image.

So my question: Is this expected behavior?

Yes, working as designed. The “madge” result is correct (ie. no media filename contains that string of characters BUT it’s “hinting” that there’s a record for Helen and You should notice that and check that record for media items possibly related.

When there are no search results, the media previously displayed in the Edit Media panel are not cleared. If there is only one media item in the search result it cannot be clicked on and displayed. Both have been reported to development.

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I have seen some misleading thing with media – when something is displayed different on left vs right of screen. One could accidentally delete wrong item for example.

I’m really surprised by this comment.
AFAIK, the left and right sides should always be synchronized.

I’ve reported this bug several times since 8 beta.

if the left and right are not showing the same info, the right side can be refreshed by:
Right-click the left side item to display the context menu.
The left click elsewhere to dismiss the menu.
The right side now shows the same as the left.

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I agree.

Edit: I did not intentionally shout! The 20 character minimum message length warning caused me to put a string of dashes under the 2-word sentence. You can’t see them and I didn’t notice the preview yelling out. But I’ll leave it as an emphatic statement because I wholeheartedly feel the same way as Richard does on this behaviour.

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