Mapping All places for an Individual

Although all places are geocoded for an individual and are correct, not all places are showing on the map. My birth place for example ‘San Fernando Trinidad and Tobago’ is correctly geocoded but does not appear when I select myself for ‘Mapping all places for an individual’.

San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago -does not- automatically geocode via RootsMagic 8. Manually inputting the Lat/Long ( I used 10.283333, -61.466667 ) -does- map correctly for me. San Fernando, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago -does- automatically geocode -and- appear on the mapping.

I have the same co-ords for San Fernando but when used for ‘mapping all place for an Individual’ (ie Me) it does not show on the Map, like wise for Castries St Lucia, Annotto Bay, Jamaica and a whole host of others. The Co-Ords for all places are correct.
Using the same Co-Ords in Family Historian 7 to map all places ‘for me’ works perfectly.

Being so new to version 8, I’m not yet aware of where ‘mapping all place for an Individual’ is as a menu item. I was referring to the Place List mini-map for each individual place -and- the People to map/Select from list (for the one individual - not me), which both worked.

I cant find a specific “Mapping all places for an individual”.
But to map places for an individual or group:

  • Places (black bar)
  • Map View (top left)
  • Map people (events) (top right)
  • Choose a group OR “select from list” takes you to name index
  • Search for and tick a person
  • +/or Click “Mark” to choose categories & create a group
  • +/or Find and tick additional people
  • (these created groups are temporary for mapping)
  • Select (bottom right)
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