List person as adopted in Narrative reports

I don’t know if this is possible, but I don’t see an option for it in the Narrative Report settings.
Is there a way to have it annotated in the Narrative report whether the person is adopted?
Right now, when I generate a report all the adopted people appear as the persons real birth child.


You have to use the Adoption fact. Then it prints out something like this;

Where is the option to pick Adoption fact? I looked all over the Narrative report settings I can’t seem to find it.

Open the Edit Person screen and click on the +

It’s the first one.

Thank you.
I thought if I had the persons relationship to their parents set to “adopted” that it would read that and list it. I did not realize that I have to actually add the Adoption fact.
Thank you.


OK, I got it to work but not the way I want it to. It only makes the statement “She was adopted”.
That is fine if she was adopted by both parents.

However, if I list her mother as her “birth” mother and her father as “adopted” father, it still makes the same statement saying “She was adopted”. That makes it look like neither parent was her birth parent.
Is there a way to have it display that her mother was her birth mother and her father was he adopted father? Or at least make the statement that it was her adopted father?

You can customize every fact sentence to read the way you want by selecting the fact on the edit person screen and clicking on customize.

I think the overarching issue is that RM doesn’t really anything with the Parent/Child relationships that you indicate on the Edit Person screen when it is creating Narrative reports. There is nothing wrong with indicating the Parent/Child relationships, but it will not affect narrative reports at all.

There are three ways to include such information in narrative reports produced by RM: 1) add the information to the Description field for a fact where the Description field is enabled, 2) add the information to the Note field for a fact, or 3) customize the sentence for a fact.

The situation where one parent is a biological parent and the other parent is an adoptive parent is especially tricky to get into a report, and it’s a very common situation. Suppose you were not using RM or any genealogy software. Suppose instead you were using a word processor as your genealogy software and that your were simply typing your report into the word processor. How would you wish for the report to look? However that is, you can customize a sentence or a Note or a Description field to get a similar effect in RM. But it won’t happen just because you add an Adoption fact or because you set up the Parent/Child indicators correctly in the Edit Person screen.